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Real time information and forecast of pest and disease development
RIMpro Cloud Service is an interactive Decision Support System (DSS) for pest and disease management in fruit and wine grape production.

For many growers and consultants RIMpro is their essential tool for effective crop protection.

Connect your weather station to the system in minutes. Get valuable real-time information to manage your crop protection in integrated, low-input or organic production systems.

The RIMpro simulation models are carefully developed in cooperation with specialist, worldwide validated, and widely used. User-friendly interfaces show you what you need to know to make your decisions.
RIMpro is no black-box. All biological processes in the models are explained and you can set all simulation parameters to your personal experience.
RIMpro is constantly developed further based on user feedback, input of working groups and projects, and new insights in the biology of the pests and diseases involved.

As grower you connect your on-farm weather station to the system. You simply use the default settings or set the parameters to your local conditions and experiences. You can enter your fungicide treatments and follow the estimated residual effect in time.


As consultant you can setup a private RIMpro network for your clients even using different types of weather stations.
RIMpro generates an interactive geographic map showing all your stations. You can embed this map in your own company’s website to offer your clients access to all your station results.
You can also create links to single stations, or only to the results of single models.

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Change the simulation year

Do you want to set the parameters for all your stations automatically to 2019 ?

This will erase your 2018 weather data, and RIMpro will look for 2019 weather data for your station(s). If your weather data are on an FTP server, the administrator of that server must ensure that weather data for 2019 are available.

You can also manually adjust the simulation year from 2018 to 2019 later, or reset it to a previous year.