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‘Real’ weather stations and ‘virtual’ weather stations
After you have created your account, you can connect your private weather station(s) with your RIMpro account. But as alternative RIMpro offers the possibility to create a ‘virtual’ weather station. A virtual weather station uses weather data for your exact location from the weather archive and forecast service of MeteoBlue in Basel.
The costs for the MeteoBlue weather data service are 50 Euro per year

As independent user you can connect your on-farm weather station to the RIMpro Cloud. RIMpro will read your weather data and extend these automatically with local weather forecast data. You can set all simulation parameters to your own experiences. You can enter and evaluate your spray schedules. You get unlimited access to all available models and no other people have access to your data unless you choose to join a RIMpro-usergroup.

Costs: 220 Euro per year for an account with one weather station.
165 Euro per year for every extra station

If you do not have your own weather station, you still can join a users group on invitation of that group. The group has its own usermap on the RIMpro Cloud showing all stations within the group. As guest you can see the simulation results form all stations within the group. You can keep your own spray records un the system and evaluate your schedule with the data of each station in the group. Spray records can only be accessed by the owner.
User groups also suit the needs of smaller advisory teams that have no company website and need an ‘out of the box’ warning system for their clients. In this case the adviser sets up and manages all stations for his clients, and the clients become ‘guest’ of the usergroup organized by the adviser.

Costs: 150 Euro per guest member per year

As consultancy organisation you can setup an unlimited number of weather stations. The weather data of each station are automatically extended with local weather forecast. You get access to all models available on the platform. You can manage all parameters of the models to your own experience, and set the biofixes for all stations based on your expertise and local information to provide your clients the best possible information.
Your can create links on your companies website to the RIMpro server to provide your clients interactive access to your simulation results. The primary server link provides a geographic map showing and providing the access to all your stations. But there are also links available to each individual station and model to facilitate other web layouts.

Costs: 1650 Euro per year as basic fee. This enables you to setup 10 stations.
165 Euro per year for every extra station

As client of a consultancy organisation that is offering you RIMpro service over their website, you can create a personal account that enables you to enter and evaluate your fungicide treatments, using any station that is offered to you by your adviser. No other persons have access to your data.

Costs: 150 Euro per guest member per year